Goodwell Sam Cheong Grocery Company Limited is a Hong-Kong based food and beverage trading company founded in 1977. Started with the domestic wholesale business locally at the very beginning; we formed Berryland Company,the subsidiary, in 1988 to focus on the wholesale activities in PRC. Currently, we have set up three liaison offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively to further develop and capture business potentials which definitely contributes a part to the PRC market.

Goodwell dedicated in providing the best food products to clients throughout PRC, Hong Kong and Macau and we perform positively and actively for the food and beverage industry at all levels. All our products are strictly selected and imported from prestigious manufacturers worldwide. Controls go beyond the factories and apply to all suppliers including raw materials and packing materials to ensure quality.

With over 35 years of experience through import, wholesale and distribution in the market, Goodwell has established an extensive client base and distribution network in PRC, Hong Kong and Macau. At present, our corporate client base include airline caterers, bakeries, cruise liners, hotels, restaurants, fast food chain outlets and food business groups.

In recent years, we strive to provide a more wide variety of foodstuffs in new and good quality to meet the strong request of perfect match between food quality and nutrition by both catering industry and consumers. We also keep the focus on new recipe collection with balanced nutrition for our clients to use and refer to. We believed marketing our products in such a way will be of added value to our clients and mutual long-term business development can be further strengthened.

In June 2004, Goodwell proudly introduced the"Goodwell gourmet shop"which is the first retail outlet located in the heart of the city. In May 2007, our second outlet opened in Yuen Long, further serve the customers in the North Region. We aimed to serve Hong Kong consumers with high quality foodstuffs worldwide. By continually making breakthroughs in the food industry we are well prepared to act as a professional consultant to offer updated market intelligence to our clients as well.

As China had joined the WTO, it is widely expected to have a prosperous future. Hence, for future and new product development, we are going to expand our business in the Great China Region. We will continue to upgrade the whole industry's food material and enhance consumers' quality of life in the future.

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