20 Nov 2013
Re: “Golden Glory” Tin Fruit series, South Africa

Re: “Golden Glory” Tin Fruit series, South Africa


In order to facilitate the Global Brand Management, Langeberg & Ashton Foods, South Africa had decided to take back the sole agency of “Gold Reef” The Greater China with effective 1 January, 2014.


At the same time, we are being appointed as sole agent of “Golden Glory” tin fruit series of the same grade. Supply from the same, the popular “Golden Glory” Apricot Jam will also grouped under the new “Golden Glory” umbrella with a new Chinese brand name keeping the superior quality as previous.

30 April 2013
Sole agent of "Snokist"

We, Berryland Company, sole agent of “Snokist” USA in HK, Macau and Mainland China area, confirmed Snokist was filed for bankruptcy and company was bought by PCP and Del Monte on June 2012.


Label “Snokist” will gradually fade out while “Mission Pride” and “Orchard Naturals” will pick up its place.


Products carrying new label are now ready on shelf and by 1 July, you will find completely new faces in HK, Macau and Mainland China market while recipes, ingredients remain the same for individual pack.


Thanks for your kind attention.

25 June, 2012
Re: Accuracy of purchase order via fax


Dear Customers,


Recently, many fax-in PO are not clear and precise either on order quantity or delivery address leading to rejection when goods arrived.


To solve this problem, please double check the quantity ordered, delivery address and code no. of outlet before send to us. This can help avoid mistakes and minimize goods delay. Thank you for your help in advance.


If however, there is still fax-in order that is incorrect by human error on your side, a punitive penalty of HK$100 per ride or HK$5/ctn whichever higher will be charged.


Thank you once again for your kind attention.


Yours Sincerely


百利牌凝膠片 (真貨)

1. 彩色圖片印於盒上
2. 有收縮膠膜包裹
3. 有防偽標籤


22 Feb, 2012
RE: 24x822g Gold Reef Fruit Cocktail


We are sorry to inform that 24x822g Gold Reef Fruit Cocktail for this year is sold out and new production will available only next year.


Please consider using 6xA10 as substitution. Thank you for your kind attention.

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